Everything Under The Sun

Summertime! The days are longer, the light is perfect, and we’re finding moments of revelation in our everyday surroundings. From the textures and patterns seen in a flower garden, to the playful pattern of a caftan, or the stunning color-way of a lakeside sunset, inspiration is everywhere and we can’t get enough. Here’s what we’re mad about this season:

By Anne Kopis

Weekends in Harbor County

Weekends spent on the shores of Lake Michigan are magical. Sunning ourselves, splashing in the lake, and spending time with family and friends. Rainy day? The antique shops are calling!

Nine Fair Backgammon

These bespoke, hand-painted backgammon boards are darling. Each one boasts an especially-for-you embellishment. Give them a photo of your family crest, your dog, or your alma matter for inspiration. You’ll treasure the final result.

Pamela Munson Wheat Straw Hat

Named “The Audrey” this big straw hat is exactly what we want to be peeking out from under at the pool this season. We love the stylish navy double knot that’s made from grosgrain ribbon.

The Gardens of Bunny Mellon

Spend an afternoon lost in the gardens of Bunny Mellon. She was a horticulturalist, gardener, philanthropist, patron of the arts, and socialite – and known for her “nothing should be noticed” philosophy. She designed sweeping gardens for her myriad homes around the world.

Blue Sky Old Fashioned Glasses

We love the delicate curve of these gorgeous tumblers. They’re made of hand-blown glass in the Pacific Northwest.

Coated Linen Coasters

Are these coasters not divine!? Made-to-order “straight away” from Rome, Italy, they come in nearly 30 different colors and make cocktail hour special. (Especially if you choose to monogram yours.)

Rattan Ripple Console

This cane-framed table with woven contours mimics the draping of a tablecloth. At once casual and elegant, this console is entirely handmade by skilled weavers from Leicestershire, England. Gorgeous.

Mantes-La-Jolie Scented Candle

A swoon-worthy candle. Mentha cirata, crunchy green-stem notes, and eucalyptus come together to make a sunny everyday scent that’s perfect for the warmer months.

Antoinette Poisson Domino Wallpapers

We think this wallpaper is so special. It’s French laid rag paper that’s painted and colored by hand with techniques perfected in the 18th century. Extraordinary wall-scapes can be brought to life by combining several sheets of domino paper.

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