Style Diary – Summer 2019

DIARY NO 4 Everything Under The Sun Summertime! The days are longer, the light is perfect, and we’re finding moments of revelation in our everyday surroundings. From the textures and patterns seen in a flower garden, to the playful pattern of a caftan, or the stunning...

Style Diary – Winter 2019

DIARY NO 3 Warm Wishes Sure, it’s cold outside. We’re staying warm by filling our rooms with the flickering glow of candlelight, swaddling ourselves in cashmere, tucking in, and toasting the stillness of the winter season – preferably with a gin martini in hand. By...

Style Diary – Summer 2018

DIARY NO 2 Midsummer Style Dreams These balmy, breezy midsummer days have us daydreaming about Roman Glass, Mid-century Pottery, and Pheasant-inspired Wallpaper, to name just a few. See what’s on our minds this month in our Summer Style Guide. By Jim Josephson &...
Winter 2018: A Fresh Start

Winter 2018: A Fresh Start

It’s the first of the year and everything feels clean and fresh. This year, we
resolve to fill our homes with beautiful treasures. (Well, that’s our resolution every
year…but at least we know we’ll keep it!)