A Season for Comfort

Though our days are short and chilly, we appreciate the quiet calm of winter. It allows a time for reflection as we look forward to the new year ahead. These finds promote a sense of comfort and well-being as we spend much of our time this season indoors!

By Anne Kopis & Mollie O’Shea

Plain English Kitchens

The combination of dramatic color, clever detailing, and Georgian proportions makes the Plain English kitchen a winner in our book. What’s more – we fell in love with their philosophy that references the past while creating a practical kitchen to complement our modern life. You can check them out stateside at their Greenwich Village showroom in NYC!

The AD Aesthete Podcast

This series from Architectural Digest features commentary from legendary design talents to analyze all things aesthetic. Bravo to host Mitch Owens for leading each episode in a truly engaging dialogue. We love to tune in while sourcing in the office!


The stunning Veronika marks the top of our list for “must-try” NYC restaurants. Set in an iconic landmark building and designed by Roman & Williams, its opulent interior was inspired by the grand cafes of Europe. We can already imagine a sipping a cocktail in this incredible bar space on a snowy New York evening.

Jamb – Register Grates

During our long, Chicago winters, it doesn’t get much better than warming up by a fire – and our hearts are set on these foundry made register grates by Jamb. Typically seen in stone, we love the way the metal surround adds new ornament and material to the mantelpiece

Grasshopper Table Lamp, Galerie des Lamps

There is something so charming about this Grasshopper Table Lamp from Galerie des Lamps. The articulating body and petite scale make it our perfect choice for a reading lamp – plus, we love the French cord!

Crystal Match Strikers

The delightful crystal match strikers offer a whimsical piece to add to any side table. Our favorites can be found at the KRB boutique in New York, where you’ll find a variety of colorful art, furniture, and accessories!

La Tuile à Loup

We discovered this shop while exploring Paris one afternoon – and completely fell for the unique collection of handmade tableware. The showroom offers gorgeous artisan product, tremendous variety, and warm customer service making international shipping easy. Check out the marbleized pieces – some of our favs.

The Cook’s Atelier

Winter is the season for slow-cooking – simmering pots of stock, soups, and stews.  The team behind this beautiful French cookbook, The Cook’s Atelier, categorizes its recipes by season and we love their classic, Pot-au-Fue. You can even learn how to make it from the authors themselves by visiting them at the Atelier in the heart of Beaune, France.

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