The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.

-Francis Bacon

Our newest team members share some of their favorite beautiful finds!

By Caroline McCarthy & Kent Ocupe

Charcuterie Made Easy

We’ve recently discovered the Instagram account of @cheesebynumbers and are loving how fun and easy they make it to create beautiful charcuterie boards of your own! By providing step by step instructions and a grocery list for everything that you need, you are on your way to the perfect party—your guests will be so impressed!

Kingly Court

After living for a summer in London, one of Caroline’s favorite haunts was Kingly Court be it for a cocktail or a bite to eat. This 3-story dining hub is home to 25 unique restaurants and a perfect spot to explore on a Saturday afternoon with friends.  

College Town
Bespoke Hotels

Graduate Hotels is a collection of bespoke hotels in the heart of college towns across the United States designed by AJ Capital Partners. Each location is unique to the college town in which it is located. Eclectically designed, each speaks to the history and character of the college. Caroline recently stayed at the one in Bloomington and loved it!

A Coach Comeback

Coach is on the rise! And we are in love with the Pillow Tabby Shoulder Bag with the emblematic ‘C’ cleverly disguised on the clasp. The pastel color collection is so fresh and current! 

A Fulton Market Gem

Are you in need of a fantastic new spot to grab a coffee? Our new fave is Good Ambler in the Fulton Market District. In addition to heavenly coffees, they also carry a plethora of sweet and savory offerings – cakes, individual chocolates and home-made candy bars. Yes please!!

Sleek & Modern Watches

We’re totally obsessed with these watches from Breda Studio. They are conversation pieces that celebrate individuality and ever-evolving personal style. Sleek and modern—a fantastic addition to anyone’s wardrobe—and you can never have too many watches!!

Chicago Mural

Murals are all the rage right now and we are loving the ones that don our great city of Chicago. Take a stroll in the Lincoln Park neighborhood and you’ll find this stunning 4-story mural by Eskat Valerio at the terminus of Armitage Street. So inspiring!

Chicago Eats


Anyone else been bingeing on Top Chef recently? Virtue is the spot to be! Food that embodies heritage and culture is presented in southern-style cooking with finesse. Is it time for dinner??

Hayao Miyazaki Illustrations

Like many of Hayao Miyazaki’s movies, it transports you to a magical place! This 2-volume art book showcases over 900 illustrations including exclusive, never before published illustrations and sketches drawn over the 20 years of Ghibli Museum’s operation. The perfect Sunday afternoon read!

Flowers Eleganza!

He loves me, he loves me not! If you’re like us you will definitely love this quirky British show—Full Bloom. The vibrant, wondrous world of flowers are showcased as innovative florists compete for the win! Flowers Eleganza! 

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